The Riccardo Barthel story began in 1976 when the founder, Riccardo Barthel, motivated by a strong passion for interior design and the awareness of a lack of quality products on the market, decided to start his own business with the aim of preserving and protecting Florentine craft traditions.

In 1994 we opened our headquarters on Via dei Serragli in Florence. Located in the Oltrarno district that is famous for its many craft workshops, the headquarters are not a showroom or a workshop, not a carpentry shop or an architectural design studio, but rather a harmonious blend of all these elements.

In 2001 we expanded and opened a showroom in the exclusive setting of Forte dei Marmi and, in perfect Barthel Style, it is located inside a former boathouse.

In 2003 we began producing accessories and furnishings for yachts, both newly built as well as for refitting and renovating historic and vintage craft.

Today,  the company is managed by the father-and-son team of Riccardo and Francesco Barthel. They are ready to meet ambitious, new international challenges, without ever losing the bond with family values and tradition, reconciling them with innovation and the style that has made the company famous.

At the Florence Headquarters, a team of architects and interior designers works day after day to meet our clients’ requests, designing entire rooms and details by combining our style, experience and expertise with tradition.

Every Riccardo Barthel client is assisted in the selection of each individual detail, and we are proud of the fact that every request to this date, no matter how unusual, has been fulfilled. 

One of the strongest departments at Riccardo Barthel - and the one that helped make us famous -  is called Brocante. We are always on the lookout for unique and special items that the skilled hands of the Barthel craftsmen restore to their original splendor, or reinterpret in a contemporary key adapting them to new and different uses, and always in the distinctive Riccardo Barthel style.