Bottega Fiorentina Production

Our products are realized by working and transforming woods and various metals, mainly brass, using turning, drawing out*, engraving and casting techniques.
The unique and highly recognizable Riccardo Barthel products bear the centuries-old mark of Florentine artisan skill. The high precision mechanical processing and the artefacts in wood, glass and ceramic make it possible to realize classic ambients, with an eye on the past, as well as modern, functional environments, to satisfy the requirements and passions of our Clients.

 A wide range of finishes is available for our selection of handles, lights and accessories: natural, varnished and burnished brass; the nickel processing includes the possibility of aged, polished, satin finished and varnished sandblasted nickel; for the chrome, silver, black and gold, the processing includes the variations of polished and varnished sandblasted finishes.