Dear friends, customers and suppliers,

The year that is about to end will be remembered for the COVID, the lockdown, the suffering of those who had experienced it firsthand and for those who have lost loved ones.

Fortunately, we will remember it also for the many satisfactions and for having set new goals for the future: we managed not to suspend work, adapting to smart-working and to the endless conference calls, thus carrying on with all the commitments made with numerous customers who had continued to turn to us for homes, Hotels, shops and restaurants, giving us stimuli and positive energy as always. We are happy that each of our collaborators gave their best, in an atmosphere of trust and tranquility, sharing their skills and contributing in an important way to Corporate decision.

We will also remember 2020 for some important changes to our stores.

In order to make the showroom in Forte dei Marmi more welcoming, many hitherto unused outdoor spaces have been recovered and, shortly, a new fund will be added to the showroom. This way we will be ready to properly celebrate the 20th anniversary of the opening of the Forte dei Marmi Store which has significantly contributed to making us known in Italy and abroad. For this reason a special thanks goes to Neri, who has always been in charge of the store, Pietro, Simona and Roberto.

There was no shortage of changes in Florence too: we are in fact completing the expansion of our carpentry workshops to better perform the restoration and transformation of old furniture and objects, which have always characterized our creations.

We are also very happy to announce that a 600sqm fund will be annexed to the Florence store, in order to significantly expand the showroom, offices and workshops up to a total of 2000sqm.

It will not be an easy project but it is an indispensable growth for those who, like us, believe in their work.

Hoping that you all too have good reasons to celebrate, there is nothing else to say than Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Riccardo e Francesco